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Research Team

This team works with the academics and experts in the field, researching, analyzing and evaluating the natural and social sciences informing the sustainability field.


Project Lead, Researcher

Morris D Fedeli has three decades of industry experience in helping organizations achieve success through the application of new emerging innovative business models and technologies.



Binu is a passionate sustainability professional with over eight years of experience in ESG research and ratings. By supporting THRIVE, she wants to help contribute towards ecological sustainability for life on earth.



Amrita Kambo’s background is architectural design. Holding a PhD in Regenerative Design, her research explores how to integrate nature into the built environment.



Martin works as a Research Assistant at the Graz University of Technology, Austria. He investigates sustainability oriented business models of start-ups as well as examining the drivers that motivate start-ups to embed social and/or environmental sustainability in their business models.




Luis works as an independent Sustainability and Environmental consultant in Ecuador. As a content creator, Luis hopes to combine his knowledge of sustainable development with his skills in research and graphic design to bring THRIVE’s message to a bigger audience.




Ruwini is a research scientist specialising in neuroscience, genetics, and molecular biology. She looks forward to bringing her knowledge and experiences in the lab to the community for sustainable healthcare and wellbeing.



Zahrah is a medical doctor from Mauritius – an island off the Malagasy coast in the Indian Ocean. She has joined our research team hoping that her expertise in public health and passion for research will help THRIVE make a positive difference in the world.



Research Assistant

Halima wants to learn how to lead a more sustainable life. She hopes that working with THRIVE will help her to guide others to also live sustainably, so that we can all live in a thriving world.

Development Team

This team develops technologies and tools in aid of resolving some of the world’s greatest challenges by applying the latest in science and technology.


Software Developer, Audio and Video Engineer

Geoff is a self-trained software developer, video, and audio engineer and has contributed hundreds of hours to the founding of THRIVE in the areas of programming, web development and digital art.


Software Developer, Machine Learning

Sebastian is a passionate and purposeful engineer, currently pursuing a Masters in Information Technology majoring in data science at UQ.


Frontend Software Developer

Pedro is a software developer with background in web development and shop-floor industry integration. He is a curious person that enjoy learning different technologies and participate of projects from different backgrounds.


Software Developer

Ali is a Solution Architect from software engineering background with leading experience and innovative mindset. Ali is passionate about sustainability and giving back to the community using his tech skills and experience.


IT Developer

Bruce is your friendly neighbourhood IT Developer, Bruce has been working as a Full-stack Developer at Thrive and is into web & software development here at Thrive.

Marketing Team

This team facilitates the dissemination of pertinent content in the field of sustainability across blogs, channels, publications, forums, and via social media. 


Digital Marketing (SEO) & AV Production

Varun is a “jack of all trades” with a background in marketing, business administration, AV production, and data analytics. He’s avid about using his diverse skill set to increase organic traction for the project as an SEO specialist and lends a hand in delivering compelling blogs and video productions on the importance of thrivability.


Marketing, Social Media and Digital Media

Pavel is a marketing expert with experience in creating awareness and value for multinational brands. He is applying his skills in THRIVE to build awareness for the project and provoke actions towards ensuring better wellbeing of the Earth and thrivable future for humanity.


Digital Media Strategist

Marian is our Digital Media Strategist who is no stranger to dealing with orchestrated disinformation and astroturfing. She has a real interest in using social media for social good through data-driven campaigns that create meaningful connections.

Content Team

This team works closely with research and marketing teams to ensure that quality content is collated and presented in an easily digestible way, informing the reader or viewer and inspiring them to act for the greater common good.


Engineering Writer

Sofia is a student studying a joint degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering and environmental science at The University of Sydney. Having always loved animals, the natural environment and fashion, she has grown a deep passion for more circular, sustainable, and ethical textiles.


Science Writer, Youth Representative

Magali is a Science Writer aiming to bring together her understanding of biological sciences and passion for the protection of the planet to create relatable, thought-provoking articles for the audience.


Editor, Researcher

Mariam is a plant geneticist that has studied how plants react to stress, and from her research and experience in scientific writing, she helps THRIVE by providing my editing and scientific communication skills to further spread THRIVE’s messages to a greater audience more effectively.


Content Writer

Anita is a student at UQ, Brisbane studying Science with a major in Mathematics joining the content team. She has worked on a research project in fisheries population modelling as well as a research project is in approximating stochastic logistic models and more complex stochastic models.


Content Writer

Jeremy is a Content Writer for the Thrive Tribe with a keen interest in environmental sustainability. In 2020, he completed a Bachelor of Arts and Science at the Australian National University.


Writer, Editor

Miriam is an Australian-based writer and editor at THRIVE. In 2020, she completed a Graduate Certificate in Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne.



Content Creator

Natasha is committed to understanding and mainstreaming nature-based solutions to the world’s unsustainability problems. She joined THRIVE because she believes that it’s not too late to make a difference.



Content Creator

Jason enjoys working outdoors and doing his best to conserve the integrity of the natural world. Originally from New Zealand, he has spent most of his life in Brisbane, where he studied environmental science at Griffith University.



Content Editor

Rebecca is enthusiastic and versatile writer and editor with an aptitude for web development and social media. Her passion for sustainability stems from an earnest desire to see people everywhere thrive. She wants to facilitate better communication between academics and the general public and, hopefully, help save the world.



Content Creator

Shikha wants to make everyone’s life better. She is currently a student at Monash University and hopes to use her research, marketing, and writing skills to identify and communicate areas that need improvement within the sustainability and development sphere.

Support Team

This team works closely with each of the other Teams to provide support services from administrative through to technical and operational support. 


Sanity and Satiety Supervisor

Femelyn is a free spirited, brave lady who has learnt how to survive in less than fortunate circumstances. who has developed an interest in curtailing famine, food waste and poverty in regional areas of Asia.


IT Support

Arash is an IT system administrator with a great sense of passion for problem-solving and learning smart and automated solutions for IT infrastructures. He is studying for his Master’s degree in Information Technology (Cybersecurity and computer networks).


Team Assistant

Tasnuva is currently in her 3rd of Bachelor of Business degree majoring in Economics at La Trobe University. An enthusiastic learner Tasnuva hopes to learn from different departments at Thrive through her role as a Team Assistant.

* Furthermore THRIVE Project includes a number of external researchers, academics, policy groups, software testers, interns, advisory group members and more not listed above, and is affiliated with a number of collaborating partners worldwide.

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