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Research Team

Morris D. Fedeli

Project Lead

Morris D Fedeli has three decades of industry experience in helping organizations achieve success through the application of new emerging innovative business models and technologies.

Veena Chandwani

Business Analyst

Veena’s background is in Taxation and Management givings her the ability to manage and analyze data. She has a passion for reading, social work, and feeding the homeless.

Development Team

José Corredor

Systems Architect, Software Developer

Jose is a Software Engineer with 12 years of experience implementing information technology projects focused on applying best practices. Jose’s experience is based on projects aimed at improving people’s mobility and quality of life.

James Myers

System Administrator

Specializing in hybrid cloud solutions, network infrastructure and corporate IT security, James has had a keen interest in anything IT related since childhood.

Mark Anthony

Software Developer, Machine Learning

Mark Anthony is a Data Scientist with 15 years experience in programming using COBOL in a legacy environment. He was a System Analyst who decided to shift career due to curiosity on how data scientists build models that translate data points into business insights.

Radha Yadav

Full Stack Developer and Tester

Radha Yadav is a passionate full-stack developer and tester with 14 years of IT experience. Her specialty includes quickly learning new skills and programming languages, problem-solving, and responsive design principles.

Nancy Valentin

Web Developer

Nancy Valentin is a highly motivated software engineer with experience in the analysis, design, and development of software solutions encompassing the full project development life cycle. She specializes in helping companies to automate their business process into web applications.

Marketing Team

Hannah Dossary

Graphic Designer

Hannah is a freelance Graphic Designer with nine years experience who works to ensure a consistent brand across all elements of the project, key information is easily digestible and the overall user experience of the website and platform works to its best abilities.

Billie Shanks

Media Relations and Channels

Billie is a fourth-year journalism student at the University of Queensland. Her background in communications and audio/visual content production gives her the ability to bring any idea to life.

Femelyn Gallego

Sanity and Satiety Supervisor

Femelyn is a free spirited, brave lady who has learnt how to survive in less than fortunate circumstances. who has developed an interest in curtailing famine, food waste and poverty in regional areas of Asia.

Content Team

Batkhishig Oyundelger

Policy Writer

Batkhishig Oyundelger is a passionate learner and volunteer writer, who has completed her master degree in public policy and diplomacy at ANU. Being mindful of environment, she likes to live as minimalist as possible and she is motivated to contribute herself for the pursuit of sustainability.

Geoff R. Williams

Audio and Video Engineer

Geoff is a self-trained software developer, video, and audio engineer and has contributed hundreds of hours to the founding of THRIVE in the areas of programming, web development and digital art.

Martha Fernandez

LIfestyle Writer

Martha is a freelance web designer and content creator with two years of experience offering her knowledge and skills as a content writer for the THRIVE Project to ensure and provide information on some important topics currently based on environmental sustainability.

Thomas Jackson

Science Writer, Youth Representative

Thomas is a third-year chemical and environmental engineering student at the University of Queensland and volunteers as an author for the THRIVE Project. Thomas presents a technical understanding that gives him the ability to simplify and better communicate complex topics.

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