Adriana has over three years experience in education – ranging from a teacher in primary and secondary school to a university level professor.

She is currently working as a Hospitality Officer at Blue Care Company since April 2021. In the past Adriana has had other volunteering opportunities, such as in primary research environmental education.


Adriana lives by her values, many of which were inherited from her family members. Specifically, these cover respect, honesty, commitment, ethics, dedication, and hard work.


Adriana always tries to explain to those close to her about sustainability issues in our daily lives. For example, to choose more sustainable products that are biodegradable or recyclable instead of conventional products. She is seeking to sensitise those around herself about environmental and social issues that she views as the pillars of sustainability.


Adriana has joined THRIVE project as a Research Volunteer, and she looks forward to contributing to this team and the project by learning new skills and competencies that can open doors for better doors for the future.