bruce profile


IT Developer

Bruce is your friendly neighbourhood IT Developer. Bruce works as a full-stack developer at THRIVE, focusing on web and software development. He comes to us with a few years of experience in IT.  His qualifications include: Grad Dip in I.T, Grad Cert in Computing Science and Bachelor of Arts(In Pure Mathematics). Apart from this Bruce has also gained a Cert IV in Project Management and Teaching and Training Cert IV (TAE).

In his personal life, Bruce enjoys the bush and nature. This includes activities like hiking and camping and orienteering and canoeing and photography. Because of his outdoorsy lifestyle, Bruce is concerned about nature and the environment. While he has previously worked for private enterprises and government bureaus, he joined THRIVE to focus on sustainability. He likes working for Not for Profit Organisation (and NGO’s) looking at issues on the local, state and federal and international scale both working in IT and non IT positions.

Bruce has in the past worked as a youth leader , teaching campcraft and survival in the bush to kids ages ranging from 10 to 15 years of age. He has a good sense of humour and enjoys the odd joke now and again. He likes helping others by improving, upgrading, and adding value to IT systems and websites. In this way he considers himself like a farmer improving soil for others. He sees others ideas as seeds to be planted in the good soil he creates where they can grow and thrive.