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World falling apart

The Problem

The world is falling apart. We are already experiencing biodiversity loss, mass inequality and injustice, catastrophic fires and drought, climate change, and most recently the coronavirus epidemic. The evidence shows that, left unchecked, these adverse conditions will only increase in frequency and severity.

So how do we fix it?

Humankind’s unsustainable practices are responsible for these challenges. So it’s up to us, individually and collectively, to contribute towards fixing them. It’s the only way to ensure our long-term providence and prosperity. Our contributions will enable humankind to move away from the death, disease, and destruction of our ecosystem towards a resilient and regenerative society, re-engineered for sustainability and thrivability.

Our Mission

To deliver providence and prosperity to the world by illuminating the way forward. To integrate thrivability within the fabric of society, as well as the environmental ecosystem of the planet.

Our Vision

To live in a world where all life-forms co-exist in harmony and solidarity with each other. To pursue value creation and prosperity across the globe.


It is against this backdrop that THRIVE Project was born. We are an independent, scientific, capacity building and advocacy-based organization. The project aims to pursue information related to the natural and social sciences. We want to identify the necessary changes to society required to achieve sustainability. That way we can ensure the long-term flourishing of civilization on Earth. Our field of focus includes three key areas: research, education, and advocacy.

Imagine a world where everyone understands the need for sustainability and works together to achieve it. Together we can create a world free from inequality, wars, poverty, and climate change. Let’s make a world where we can THRIVE!!!

Our Story

The seeds of THRIVE project were planted in 2004 in humble beginnings. A growing group of individuals in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia connected with one another over their shared desire to make a difference. THRIVE was formally set up in 2016 as The Holistic Regenerative Innovative Value Entity, a web-based, multi-capital, values-based tool. Built upon the best available science, it addresses our 21st century challenges by measuring well-being. THRIVE Platform tool uses machine learning and predictive analytics to guide society towards the future we aspire to, by accessing extensive historical repositories and leveraging the learnings from experts around the world.

Although THRIVE was set up as a research based platform, to measure sustainability in a way which informs the future, the founders of the platform realized that there is a need to share the research-based information with society at large. This sharing of information will help provoke societal action to achieve sustainability and a thrivable future. With that end in mind, the education and advocacy components were added to the organizational aims. Consequently, the scope of the organization moved from being a platform to a project which can enable countries, cities, companies, and individuals to transform themselves into thrivable entities. Much like a stethoscope, THRIVE  keeps track of the well-being of each of these entities, measuring their impact on the vital capitals of the planet and making sure that these measurements are used to inform people’s actions and political decisions.

Eight years in the making, we are a respected international movement in the field of thrivability, with no other organization approaching sustainability, as universally, holistically, and transparently as we do. To this end, harnessing the latest in machine learning, holochain, and cloud computing, we have developed technologies, tools and educational programmes arming individuals with the understanding to make the changes they seek in the pursuit of prosperity for all. 

get involved


The THRIVE Project relies on volunteers from around the world to offer their skills to the team and help bring the project to life.

  • Join a team of people who are passionate about sustainability
  • Grow your network by getting a chance to engage with passionate, high-achieving and experienced professionals in the field
  • Have your voice heard
  • Get international exposure by interacting with people from around the world and get to know about different cultures
  • Gain valuable experience and build your resume – learn from diverse team of experts in the field while developing new skills and knowledge
  • Work in a culture without hierarchies

Most of all make a difference

Volunteering with us requires you to be:
  • Passionate about the cause
  • Self-driven to manage projects and time with professionalism and commitment
  • Collaborative to network and work in teams
  • Open-minded and curious
  • Autonomous thinker
  • A multitasker
get involved


THRIVE values partnerships made with a variety of international enterprises that are interested in developing a thrivable future.

  • Collaborate with THRIVE’s core team
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your pursuit for sustainability
  • Demonstrate your skills and passions to a team that cares

Words From Volunteers

  • We must heed mother nature. The impetus right now is for the gathering of the best minds to share and disseminate the knowledge and tools necessary, and collaboratively foster the imperative to innovate towards thrivability.

    morris profile
    Morris D Fedeli
    Project Lead
  • Volunteering at THRIVE project has allowed me to give back to a worthy cause by helping to bring more awareness to the project. I believe more businesses should focus on sustainability. 

    Hannah Dossary
    Graphic Designer
  • THRIVE provides me a platform to not only become an exponent at the local level but reach out to the high-end corporations. Corporations and investors are realizing that sustainability is not only assisting with positive growth but also with the brand image as well.

    Veena Chandwani
    Business Analyst
  • I wanted to be part of THRIVE project because I find it a fascinating project, it is very involved in sustainability and environment. We can all learn a lot from this.

    Martha Fernandez
    Content Writer
  • Embarking on Thrive Project as a Researcher/Content Writer has not only enabled me to live up to my passion but also made me more cognizant of the most pressing world issues. It has also significantly advanced my sustainability acumen. Anyone who has the best interests of the world’s future at heart will undoubtedly find Thrive Project to be the ideal platform to join.

    Zahrah Atchia
    Researcher/Content Writer
  • I started at THRIVE a few months ago and love how welcoming everyone has been from the very beginning. Everyone on the team is very passionate about sustainability issues and I am constantly grateful to be working with people who care so much about what is happening to our world and who are actively trying to secure a more thrivable future for us all.

    Natasha Marais
    Content Creator
  • From the beginning, I was impressed by THRIVE’s level of organisation. The recruitment and selection process was very thorough and looked at the applicant’s skills and motivation. It showed to me the level of seriousness and commitment to the common cause. The training sessions and regular organisation wide face-to-face and online meetings brought me a sense of belonging that I hadn’t found in other volunteer-based institutions.

    As a not-for-profit business, THRIVE has managed to amass an enormous amount of resources towards our common goal. It has attracted dozens of highly educated university graduates and experienced professionals in a variety of areas such as editing, administration, marketing, and IT support. These professionals are well organised in teams that ensure the success of our activities.

    bruce profile
    Sinval Aragao
    Researcher and Copywriter

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