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The THRIVE Project relies on volunteers from around the world to offer their skills to the team and help bring the project to life.

  • Join a team of people who are passionate about sustainability
  • Grow your network
  • Have your voice heard
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THRIVE values partnerships made with a variety of international enterprises that are interested in developing a thrivable future.

  • Collaborate with THRIVE’s core team
  • Gain a competitive advantage in your pursuit for sustainability
  • Demonstrate your skills and passions to a team that cares

Words From Volunteers

  • We must heed mother nature. The impetus right now is for the gathering of the best minds to share and disseminate the knowledge and tools necessary, and collaboratively foster the imperative to innovate towards thrivability.

    Morris D Fedeli
    Project Lead
  • Volunteering at THRIVE project has allowed me to give back to a worthy cause by helping to bring more awareness to the project. I believe more businesses should focus on sustainability. 

    Hannah Dossary
    Graphic Designer
  • THRIVE provides me a platform to not only become an exponent at the local level but reach out to the high-end corporations. Corporations and investors are realizing that sustainability is not only assisting with positive growth but also with the brand image as well.

    Veena Chandwani
    Business Analyst
  • I wanted to be part of THRIVE project because I find it a fascinating project, it is very involved in sustainability and environment. We can all learn a lot from this.

    Martha Fernandez
    Content Writer
  • Embarking on Thrive Project as a Researcher/Content Writer has not only enabled me to live up to my passion but also made me more cognizant of the most pressing world issues. It has also significantly advanced my sustainability acumen. Anyone who has the best interests of the world’s future at heart will undoubtedly find Thrive Project to be the ideal platform to join.

    Zahrah Atchia
    Researcher/Content Writer
  • I started at THRIVE a few months ago and love how welcoming everyone has been from the very beginning. Everyone on the team is very passionate about sustainability issues and I am constantly grateful to be working with people who care so much about what is happening to our world and who are actively trying to secure a more thrivable future for us all.

    Natasha Marais
    Content Creator

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