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What is Thrive?

Sustainability matters! THRIVE is The Holistic Regenerative Innovative Value Entity. THRIVE consists of a framework, platform and Sustainability Performance Scorecard to help people and organisations analyse and improve their strategies for a Thriveable Future.

THRIVE is not just another measuring tool.

It is a holistic systems simulation model and framework built on first principles employing science-based targets based on what the sciences tell us is necessary and sufficient to ensure a thrivable society and prosperous future for all.

How does Thrive work?

Reasoned from first-principles; systems approach, strong sustainability stance

Multi-capital, context and science-based, using commensurable formula engine

Perform sustainability performance assessment scale-linked across every level

Set targets, formulate milestones and backcast

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  • THRIVE “formula engine” enables users to compare results of different Context-Based methodologies and metrics, and thereby get a much truer picture of actual sustainability performance. Furthermore, THRIVE enables not only backward-looking performance assessment but also forward-looking business modelling, essentially providing the tools to build and assess business models that create System Value.

    Bill Baue
    r3.0, Senior Director, USA
  • There is a huge variety of sustainable business models already available. The question is how to make use of this variety? One way of working with it is to identify and classify the available business model patterns and make them accessible to a broader audience. That’s what the THRIVE Platform offers, the ability to match business models to sustainability performance.
    Florian Lüdeke-Freund
    Chair of Sustainability ESCP Europe; Circular Economy Roadmap for Germany
  • THRIVE presents a crystal clear way forward for all of us interested in global sustainability and the preferred futures of our planet and our communities. THRIVE draws on the best available intelligence distilled from current practice and the most rigorous and robust conceptual models and research designs. THRIVE presents evidence-based and demonstrated strategies for communities, businesses, government, groups and individuals throughout the world to work towards more equitable and just outcomes for all of us.

    Patrick Danaher
    Professor, University of Southern Queensland
  • In my capacity as an Information Systems academic and researcher, I have found the THRIVE framework has been designed and implemented as a robust tool that uses transparent and publicly available data sources on social, economic and natural sustainability factors. The THRIVE framework can make a real and actionable impact on sustainability metrics and practices. This framework will inspire individuals, organisations and governments to take a holistic view towards sustainable use of our earth’s scarce resources.
    Anup Shrestha
    Senior Lecturer, University of Southern Queensland
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