Raman has previously worked as a biology lecturer and an assistant professor of botany. Currently, she is perusing further learning online using certificate courses on Coursera. Raman is based in Bengaluru, India.


Throughout college, Raman’s plantation and clean campus drives as well as her studies in botanicals and research, have given her an understanding of thrivability. Working with botanicals is fascinating to Raman. They have served as a foundation for her passions of environmental health and sustainability.

Raman has come to believe that, as educated youth, young people have the capacity to bring significant change to our society. And that we must work together consciously for a sustainable tomorrow.


Raman also believes that we are all unique in our ways and, once aware, we can utilise this to overcome any challenge. So, it’s always worth it to remain positive.


Raman has joined THRIVE project as a Volunteer Researcher and is looking forward to learning and upskilling her knowledge in research and publishing.