Graphic Design

Bersu is studying a master’s degrees at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. She is currently studying City Planning and is working as a project analyst at NETCAD.

Throughout her education, Bersu has studied a wide variety of subjects such as urban transportation, sociology, and economics.  In a previous study Bersu worked on the transportation systems of Bursa, the fourth most populous city in Turkey. 

She proposed a light rail transit system that connects the industrial zone and the centre of Bursa with the integration of the existing public rail system. This was to encourage public transportation by integrating the existing system and meeting the demand in pursuit of a sustainable city. Studies such as this show that there are many ways to be more sustainable, whilst also increasing quality of life.

Bersu dreams to be an academic working in fields relating to sustainability, whilst continuing to take part in international projects like THRIVE.

Honesty and doing your best are Bersu’s two strongest principles. And she hopes to bring these to THRIVE.

 Next semester, Bersu is planning to write her thesis on sustainable urban transportation.