Edith is currently studying for a PhD in Environmental Science at Griffith University, Australia.

Specifically, Edith is doing an interdisciplinary study that includes both the physical and social science components. She has studied topics such as ‘climate smart landscapes for food security in smallholder farming communities’ as well as studying, Edith volunteers at the New York Academy of science where she mentors students to participate in the academy challenge. The challenges are mostly based around the sustainable use of resources, with students creating sustainable solutions to the challenge.

This passion for sustainability is also reflected in Edith’s organic farming – she enjoys having a small garden in which she grows vegetables organically without using chemicals and synthetic fertilisers.

Edith has joined THRIVE project as a researcher. She is a believer in the notion of ‘leaving the world better than you found it’ and thus hopes to create a positive change in the world through the promotion of sustainability whilst expanding her skills and engaging with a like-minded team.