marian profile


Digital Media Strategist

Marian is currently on her way to finishing her master’s degree in Digital Communication at the Queensland University of Technology, where her research is focused on the effects of social media in democracies. Prior to moving to Australia, she was working as a content strategist for an online news publisher in the Philippines.

With her country’s political climate, she’s no stranger to dealing with orchestrated disinformation on the web. This has sparked her interest in using social media for social good through data-driven campaigns that create meaningful connections. She uses this outlook in her work in marketing where she has successfully collaborated with local and international brands from a wide range of sectors: finance, energy, e-commerce and FMCGs.

Managing multiple clients has made her highly flexible in working in any arena, but her passion lies in climate justice.

Coming from one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change, she aims to spread awareness and create relevant discourse in sustainability through THRIVE. She believes that there is no better time to act than now, and it’s all hands on deck.