About Thrive

An Overview

The problem

The natural world is changing at an unprecedented rate in human history.  We are already experiencing biodiversity loss, inequality and injustice, catastrophic fires and drought, climate change and most recently the coronavirus epidemic. There is much evidence that these adverse conditions will only increase in frequency and severity.

Faced with the complexity and uncertainty of the world we live in, how can we as individuals and collectively ensure our long-term providence and prosperity.  How can we move away from much death, disease, and destruction of our very ecosystem towards a resilient and regenerative society, re-engineered for sustainability and thrivability?

In the face of increasing adverse conditions ahead, civilization must plot a path towards flourishing. Perhaps here we can take a lesson from the natural world, where fundamental by design is circularity, biomimicry and living within our means on a finite planet. Hence the UN affiliated research group, THRIVE Project, has been internationally praised for its extensive efforts in solving this challenge.

THRIVE stands for

The Holistic Regenerative Innovative Value Entity

our solution

Our goals


We want to know what makes an enterprise successful


Passionate to help achieve sustainability


Research and investigate the link between business models and performance


Many fragmented approaches, including several manual self-referential systems

Mission and Vision

We are a not-for-profit research, education and advocacy group whose mission is to ensure the long term well-being and thrivability of all humanity. Our vision is a world where all living forms live in harmony and solidarity with each other, in the pursuit of global shared value creation and collective collaborative peaceful partnerships for people, planet, profit with purpose and prosperity (7Ps).
As an organization, we do as we preach; promoting equality, inclusiveness and greenness among our Tribe members. We encourage this at scales ranging from the nano to the macro as encapsulated in the 7Cs scale-linked model. The THRIVE framework adopts a design science approach illuminating the 12 Foundational Focus Factors sufficient and necessary on our trajectory towards systemic and holistic modelling of a thrivable society within our ecological limits. 
Let’s defy extinction. Join us on this journey towards thrivability with providence and prosperity.

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