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Engineering Writer

Sofia is studying a joint degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering and environmental science at The University of Sydney. Having always loved animals, the natural environment, and fashion, she has grown a deep passion for more circular, sustainable, and ethical textiles.

Her three years of experience collaborating in non-governmental organizations focused on conserving and protecting wildlife and their habitat and participating in discussion panels about sustainability contribute to her technical understanding of current issues. Sofia has a strong knowledge of the prevailing problems in sustainability and is always keen to learn about the latest innovations by regularly attending events that showcase these product solutions. She currently assists in research regarding the recyclability and feasibility of plastics in Australia, which deepens her technical understanding of the waste management problem.

By volunteering with THRIVE, is it Sofia’s goal to utilize the platform to encourage others to make more climate-conscious actions and how to do it. She loves to collaborate with like-minded people in the THRIVE community, learning more ways to reduce her impact on the planet, as well as giving back to it.