Ranjita is a higher degree research student at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and is currently doing her M.Phil. Her research focus is on the relationship between board diversity and organizational corporate social responsibility performance.


In the past, Ranjita has worked on organisational performance based on Global Reporting Initiatives. She conducted around 20 interviews with Australian directors, asking them about their perspectives on corporate social responsibility and sustainability in organisations.

Ranjita’s passions cover equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Gender, Corporate Social Responsibility and Respect. Her research covers how women empowerment and gender diversity can increase the long-term sustainability of an organisation.


Ranjita joined THRIVE project as a Volunteer Thrivability Researcher. She will utilise her knowledge and skillset to make a meaningful contribution to THRIVE project. She is Looking forward to further developing her research skills and applying those skills in research articles.