pavel profile


Marketing, Social Media and Digital Media

Pavel is a marketing expert with more than 15 years of experience. He has utilised a variety of marketing approaches to build awareness and create value for multiple international brands in the Financial and Business Information sectors. By mastering different tools in all marketing domains, he is able to provide complex solutions to a number of communication needs.

Pavel’s ability to strategically define and follow up on detailed marketing plans supports THRIVE in building awareness for the project and provoking actions among the general and specialised publics towards ensuring better wellbeing of the Earth. Pavel is also applying his digital product management skills to the THRIVE project, ensuring a customer-centric approach, seamless user experience and consistency among the different aspects of operations of THRIVE.

Pavel strongly believes that spreading THRIVE’s message to a wide audience is a key factor in provoking actions that will lead to mindful resources usage and ultimately, a thrivable future for humanity.