Research Assistant

Paul has recently finished his Master of Sustainability program at The University of Sydney.

Following this, Paul has worked as a Movement Intern at Liberty in North Korea. Here he researched facts and data and worked to put these into simplified language.

Paul also has a family background in the produce business, in which he has seen firsthand the effects of climate change and increasing demand.

These experiences have given Paul a passion for sustainability and made him realize how important it is to address global challenges. He has come to believe that everyone on this planet has a right to having their needs for health, food, and shelter met, and that people in the present have an obligation to future generations to provide them a functioning planet in at least as good state as they received it.

Paul has joined The Thrive Project as a Volunteer Researcher. He is looking forward to using this opportunity to hone his research and writing skills whilst collaborating and making a positive impact on this world we all share.