Natasha Profile


Content Creator

Natasha is currently enrolled in a course called Urban Nature: Connecting Cities, Nature and Innovation with COURSERA. She has committed to understanding nature-based solutions and exploring the opportunities, benefits, and challenges associated with mainstreaming nature-based solutions to the world’s unsustainability problems.

Natasha does not consider herself to be an academic, but she is a great believer in difficult conversations. In 2014 she came across a blog called Trash Is For Tossers (about zero waste living) and was extremely inspired by Lauren Singer’s commitment to living sustainably. That same year she read Eating Animals (in which Jonathan Safran Foer details why the meat industry is unsustainable) and watched Cowspiracy and has consequently been trying to save the world ever since. She became vegan, spent a year actively trying to live zero waste, and started a blog about living sustainably.

She joined THRIVE because she believes that it’s not too late to make a difference.