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Software Developer, Machine Learning

Mark Anthony was a graduate of Computer Science at Adamson University, Philippines. He recently got his qualification as a Data Scientist and prior to this, he had 15 years experience in programming using COBOL in a legacy environment. He was a System Analyst who decided to shift career due to curiosity on how data scientists build models that translate data points into business insights. He then took a step by taking a 12-week Data Science Immersive course which he successfully completed in March 2020. While actively looking for opportunities, he used his time during this pandemic to share the knowledge he gained and was fortunate to come across the THRIVE project for which he is volunteering as an AI/Machine Learning Engineer/Software Developer. He believes that sustainability is a balance between the financial, human, and environmental factors. It is about living your values and acting with integrity, responsibility, and generosity. It is about being in a community of discussion, dialogue, and action – because no person or company is an island, and everything is interconnected. Finally, during his free time he loves to binge watch anime especially One Piece which he started watching since 1999. He also likes to watch documentaries that are associated with the environment and animals.