magali profile


Science Writer, Youth Representative

In between tending to her miniature jungle of indoor plants and practising dancing, Magali studies for her dual Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of Science, majoring in Ecology. She likes to study outside when she can, preferring to be momentarily distracted by a fight between an ibis and a brush turkey rather than risk the temptation of what’s in the fridge. Animals and the natural world have always left her in a state of wonderment and awe at their beauty and complexity.

Magali strives to bring her environmentally conscious values into her personal life by living a low waste lifestyle and spreading awareness on pressing environmental issues. She believes that many small actions can have a big impact and that it is vital we understand what connects us and the natural world so that we live in harmony.

Magali joined THRIVE to utilise her scientific understanding and passion for the protection of the planet in conjunction with her writing skills. Through THRIVE, she would like to create relatable, thought-provoking articles which help create positive change. Somehow, she finds when she has a writer’s block that imagining the calming voice of David Attenborough narrating her work gets the creative juices flowing from her fingertips.