Binodhya has recently received a PhD offer for material science at Queensland University of Technology, previously completing her M.Phil in 2020. She has studied in areas such as environment toxicology and nanotechnology.


Outside of study, Binodhya works as a casual seasonal academic at her university and works as a casual sessional academic at her university. She is also a volunteer committee member at her Faculty of Science HDR society, in which she focuses on ocean clean up campaigns. Seeking solutions to water pollution is one of Bonodhya’s passions.

At THRIVE project, Binodhya would like to embark on a journey that includes, sharing knowledge, generating novel ideas, and creating high quality publications.


Her main interest area involves utilising bio inspired nano-materials for a sustainable environment. Inspired by nature, we can work to develop structures that enhance day to day life by mimicking the biological.

As a volunteer researcher, Binodhya is looking forward to providing knowledge and generating innovative research ideas in order to support long term sustainability.