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The THRIVE Platform - Measuring what matters most

A New Resource for Thresholds-Based Performance Assessment and Business Model Design. 7th International r3.0 Conference, September 2020

The Classification of Sustainable Business Model Patters using machine learning

Sustainable business model patterns as a means to create impactful businesses, July 2020

Introducing Thrive: Measuring what matters most

Presentation at the Circular Economy Forum, March 2020.

How Business can Thrive

Measuring What Matters Most, January 2020.

Assessing Corporate Sustainability Performance of Business Models

How business model innovation drives a successful sustainable strategy, June 2018

How does innovation drive a successful sustainable business strategy?

Research Proposal Panel Presentation for USQ DBA/PhD Program, March 2018.


Exploring Sustainability in Business Models of Early-Phase Start-up Projects: A Multiple Case Study Approach

Authors: Martin Glinik, Michael Rachinger, Christiana Ropposch, Florian Ratz and Romana Rauter Published in: Journal of Business Models (2020), Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 72-93

The Classification of Sustainable Business Model Patterns using Machine Learning

5th International New Business Model Conference, July 2020

The challenges of transitions towards a more sustainable business

4th International New Business Model Conference, July 2019

Assessing the corporate sustainability performance of organizational business models

Journal of Accountancy & Business, September 2018


Press Release

The latest press release for the THRIVE platform including key information.


Key information on the THRIVE Project and Platform

Formulations & Weights

This is a sample document about the THRIVE Platform's Classification & Formulations as mentioned in the Walkthrough Video.


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